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Who we are...

RossWoodWorth is the first mobile advertising network in Europe aimed at providing a specialized mobile advertising experience to advertisers, publishers, developers and mobile users across the region. RossWoodWorth's state of the art technology, intelligent targeting mechanism and diversified mobile ads aim to assist our partners in maximizing their campaigns return on investment (ROI) and to deliver satisfying results for their brands and businesses. RossWoodWorth is committed to the growth of the mobile advertising industry in Europe by working directly with publishers, developers and advertisers. Europe has a tremendous growth in mobile internet users and today 45% of the Internet users in the region use their phones to connect to the internet. Moreover, 85% of them have downloaded mobile applications. RossWoodWorth provides you with a state of the mobile advertising technology to reach out to millions of mobile users in the region; we are committed to help our advertisers meet their campaign’s objectives by offering precise targeting and real-time analytical tools.

New Ad Formats

Check out our newset ad fromats:
Native ads, Geo Plus, & Video Plus.
The best has just got better!

Rich Media

Take a look at our rich media ads and see for yourself how interactive, fun and enticing they are. Maximize your campaign’s objectives with our creative mobile ads.


Take advantage of the region’s first and biggest mobile advertising network and bring your clients cutting edge, efficient and creative advertising solutions.

RossWoodWorth links advertisers and publishers together through its extensive mobile advertising network and diversified services. Our precise targeting options allow advertisers to reach their audience and achieve the highest ROI for their campaigns.

Serving over 8.7 Billion ad requests per month & 37.1 Million users

Why advertise with RossWoodWorth?

By utilizing our unmatched mobile targeting tools and technologies we will deliver enhanced brand awareness and drive more sales and revenues for your campaigns. Stop wasting your advertising dollar here and there, start your campaign with the region’s largest mobile advertising network today.

A Leading Network
with a local focus

We are totally dedicated on bringing you the best local mobile apps and sites to maximize your ROI with us. Our regional and local network comprises of the most relevant apps and most popular ones in the market, ensuring campaign’s objectives are met though the right audience.

Maximized ROI

We make sure you are getting your money’s worth by delivering satisfying results through our up to date technologies, intelligent targeting and diverse ad options, be it standard banners, rich media, videos…etc. With our ever expanding inventory you can reach out to millions of mobile users in the region and get the best ROI out of your campaigns and deliver satisfactory results to your brand.

Analytics & Reporting

RossWoodWorth’s rich reporting and analytical interface will help you track and view your campaign results anytime you want. It will also assist you in getting a better perspective for any future campaigns you are planning. Through our dashboard you can monitor your spending, CTR, average CPC and so much more.

Agency friendly model

Since its inception RossWoodWorth is committed to positioning itself as the number one agency friendly company in the region. Enroll into our agency program and start making unprecedented benefits and revenues. For every single dollar you spend with RossWoodWorth the reward is unbeatable.

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